What you need to know about your windshield.

Did you know…

65% of your protection in a rollover accident comes from your windshield?
It keeps the roof from crushing in on you. Metro Glass is the only glass replacement facility in the Omaha metro area that will restore your vehicle to original factory condition.
Your windshield is a federally-mandated piece of safety equipment?
Along with your seatbelt and airbag system, it is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in your vehicle. “There are proper techniques and federal regulations governing auto glass installation; so it is imperative that when you need your windshield repaired or replaced, you find a professional repair center that is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the auto glass industry.” – PPG Prostars, a leading auto glass manufacturer
Your windshield should never be installed outdoors in temperatures below 40º?
Even though the most sophisticated urethanes cure in one hour in 0º, the chemicals that are used to prime the windshield so the urethane bonds to the glass properly do not work in temperatures below 40º.
Your windshield is part of your safety restraint system?
Your passenger side airbag is designed to deploy directly into your windshield to cushion impact and prevent the passenger from being ejected. If it is improperly installed, your airbag is useless.
If your windshield is installed without using the correct primer, rust will start forming on the windshield frame?
About 1 in 5 windshields has a rust issue. As rust forms, it can cause leaking and body damage severe enough that may require a body shop to repair. If your vehicle has a rust problem and the shop does not perform a corrosion treatment before installing your windshield, the urethane will not bond correctly and your windshield will not be safe.
The safest windshield installation occurs in a heated, enclosed work environment free of the contaminants that are present outdoors?
Even though it may be more convenient for you to have a mobile service to your work or home to save you time, the quality of your installation is compromised. Some glass companies do not have a permanent shop location and need to perform installations outdoors year round. Mobile glass installation services should be weather-dependent.
There are varying qualities of windshields and urethanes?
Some companies quote your replacement using blemished, used or aftermarket glass. Some urethanes require days to cure before it is safe to drive your vehicle. Metro Glass uses only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass.
Despite these possibly life saving facts, anyone can install a windshield without having training or certification?
Metro Glass Omaha is the highest quality windshield and auto glass replacement facility in the Midwest. We are the only Auto Glass Safety Council (formerly ARGSS) compliant shop in the Metro area. Metro Glass was voted Best of Omaha 2006-2012 in the Auto Glass category.